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For me, I'm in love with candid photography. Especially with family photography and kid photography, I love to be more like an observer. There are some suggestions how to do how to pose just for a guideline but overall it will be natural because the moment of love between you and your children is the best part I love to shoot and a kid can not control when we control them they are not happy. So let them be what they want to be; run, laugh, fun, eat, play even cry;  that is the best part of kid the best part that you can not take back, but I have a magical thing to bring the best moment back like a time machine I call Photography. 

My photography is casual, imperfect, warm and natural. I am sure that every photo that I shoot for you can take you back to the special moment of your family. I believe these natural moments will make the little kid on that day father and mother have a big smile with these photos for sure in the future time :)

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